Chairman's Message

Chairman Message

Thank you all for supporting our vision in taking Dentistry worldwide.

After celebrating the grand success of World Dental and Oral Health Congress 2019 UK Series and IAE & British Dental Awards in the UK Parliament London bringing together International Dentists from around the globe. It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you all for this global event in Dentistry and bringing World Dental and Oral Health Congress 2019 ASIA Series to my Home Country for the 4th International Dental Conference and Exhibition.

The conference is themed on Next Generation Dentistry for Better Oral Health. This conference provides a great platform for the World Class Dentists and Dental Professionals from all over the world for knowledge sharing, brand promotion and networking.

We have about 1000 National and International Dentists from UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, UAE, USA, Italy, Malaysia and Singapore who have taken time to be a part of this great congress and making this event as one of the Asia’s Leading Dental Conference and Exhibition. We have the top-notch Dentists as Keynotes and Key Speakers from around the world to deliver presentations on the latest trends in the field of Dentistry.

I believe the 2-day conference will benefit from learning and networking with the masterminds in Dentistry. The IAE & Asia Dental Awards 2019 which adds to the WOW factor of the event provides an International recognition for Key Dental Leaders, Pioneers and Dental Professionals in the field of Dentistry and is the Only Internationally recognized Dental Award. I personally congratulate all the winners who have worked very hard and appreciate their dedication and professionalism in thefield of Dentistry.

I believe the IAE & Asia Dental Awards 2019 will be a great motivation and motivate the winners to strive towards the next level of their career. VIP Access Presidential Banquet is a premium event. I invite you all to be a part of this great celebration.

We hope that this conference will provide you with many opportunities to meet and interact with dental professionals from around the world.

I am grateful to the Core Organizing Committee members, Stake Holders, Sponsors who has been a great support, and all our colleagues for all their preparation and hard work to ensure a stimulating and enjoyable experience for us all. I would like to specially thank our Sponsors Noris Medical, Kavo Kerr, B & B Dental, IDC Implants, India Cements and VST Titanium Motors Mercedes-Benz with whose support this great conference was produced.

A special thanks to our Speakers who have taken their time to be a part of this great event and are key contributors towards the successful planning of World Dental and Oral Health Congress 2019 India.

Have a great day!

Dr.Charulatha M.D.

Organising Chairman – World Dental and Oral Health Congress 2019 India

President – IAE & Asia Dental Awards 2019